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aloe vera field

De Vere Aloe Vera products are made using only top quality Aloe leaves from one of the world's largest plantations. The Aloe is harvested and filleted by hand, before being carefully processed within 6 hours to maintain the maximum beneficial active ingredients.

Only the best Aloe variety of Aloe is used, Aloe Barbadensis Miller. This is grown without any artificial herbicides or insecticides. De Vere Aloe Vera gel and cream products are all made using only Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.

De Vere Aloe Vera products are made in the UK to the highest pharmaceutical standards, so you know you can trust them every time.


The Aloe we use in De Vere products is grown in commercial plantations, from countries such as the frost free Dominican Republic. Our Aloe Vera is harvested every 6-8 weeks by removing 3-4 leaves at the base of the plant.

This extensive supply of Aloe plants allows the hand selection of only the freshest Aloe Vera leaves.

Made from Aloe barbadensis species

aloe vera field
aloe vera field

Carefully Hand Picked & Filleted

Once picked, most Aloe is filleted, not squeezed, to remove the inner gel. The fillet is carefully removed to minimize disruption of the Aloin layer. Then the product is further processed to remove the pulp and fibre.

Next it is pasteurised to maintain efficacy. Finally, the gel is filtered and stabilised through a specially designed proprietary process to maintain colour and is preserved using globally recognised food grade preservatives.